Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry PDF Free Download

Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry PDF Free Download. The Book Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Structure and Change is written by Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula.

The book Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins is divided into three parts, but each chapter is now presented as a series of short and more readily mastered Topics.

It opens with a Foundations chapter, which reviews basic concepts of chemistry and physics used through the text. Part 1 now carries the title Thermodynamics. Part 2 (Structure) continues to cover quantum theory, atomic and molecular structure, spectroscopy, molecular assemblies, and statistical thermodynamics. Part 3 (Change) has lost a chapter dedicated to catalysis, but not the material.

Each chapter opens with a brief summary of its Topics. Then each Topic begins with three questions: ‘Why do you need to know this material?’, ‘What is the key idea?’, and ‘What do you need to know already?’. The Checklists at the end of each Topic are useful distillations of the most important concepts and equations that appear in the exposition.

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The number of pages in the book is 1035 pages and the File Size is 48 MB.

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