Best Organic Chemistry Books for Undergraduate

Best Organic Chemistry Book for Undergraduates

Best Organic Chemistry Books for Undergraduate:

1. Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry:

The book has been written by S.P. Singh and Om Prakash. The book has incorporated 2 chapters on stereochemistry while the first chapter deals with the basic concepts of chirality and the second describe stereoheterotopic ligands and faces, stereoselective and stereospecific reactions, asymmetric synthesis, the effect of conformation on reactivity and finally the conformational analysis of monosaccharides.Chemistry of Reaction Intermediates has received special attention. Neighbouring group participation of a lone pair, a double bond and a phenyl group along with the discussion of sigma bond participation and non-classical cations are dealt at length. Topics such as photochemistry of aromatic compounds, Cheletropic reactions, hydrogenation of unsaturated systems, ambident nucleophile, Hammett equation and Taft equation have been introduced in appropriate chapters. A large number of energy profile diagrams are sketched in many chapters to illustrate different processes, and many synthetically important reactions and rearrangements have been added in chapters dealing with aromatic electrophilic and nucleophilic substitution.

2. Organic Reactions And Their Mechanisms:


The book has been written by P.S. Kalsi. The book is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage in the area of organic reaction mechanism for a chemistry major/graduate student. The book contains 17 chapters.

Key Features:

  • In writing this fourth edition of the book the major goal has been to integrate the information about many fundamental organic reactions.
  • New reagents, new organic reactions, and solved exercises have been added.
  • The study of the reaction mechanism is an enormously broad subject. A full analysis of reaction mechanism requires a good knowledge of the molecular structure, stereochemistry, and thermodynamics. These topics are, therefore, further developed by laying more emphasis in the fourth edition.

3. Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds- Principles and Applications D Nasipuri


The book was written by Nasipuri. It deals with stereochemistry. During recent years, stereochemistry has undergone a phenomenal growth both in theory and practice, with a concomitant increase of interest among the organic chemists, biological chemists, medicinal chemists, and pharmacologists. The present text provides an up-to-date, coherent; and comprehensive account of the subject starting from the fundamentals and leading up to the latest developments as far as practicable. Emphasis has been placed on symmetry-based approach to molecular chirality, stereochemical terminologies (modern stereochemistry is replete, with them), topocity and prostereoisomerism, conformational analysis, dynamic stereochemistry, chiroptical properties and assignment of absolute configuration to chiral molecules. Dynamic stereochemistry has been discussed with reference to conformation-reactivity correlation, stereoselective syntheses, and pericyclic reactions. A large cross-section of organic reactions with stereochemical implication has been incorporated. Attempts have been made to familiarise the readers with modem instrumental techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance, in particular, used for stereochemical investigation. Each chapter is provided with a summary which highlights the main points of the text. Selective references, mostly of textbooks, monographs, review articles and significant original papers have been given extending sometimes to early 1991. The book is expected to fulfill the long-felt need for a comprehensive text on modern organic stereochemistry which is conspicuously absent since the publication of Professor Eliel’s book in 1962. The text may be adopted at any stage of the university teaching and at the same time be useful to the practicing organic chemists.

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